17 Jan 2017

Positive positive

The lady down the street
whose name I’ve never known
The guy in the store where I get
My banana every morning
The mother
The child

The troubadours and poets and
Killers and gods
The dogs - but not the cats

Truck drivers and taxi drivers
The vans full of police and
Buses full of school kids
From Germany
France and places whose language I
Don’t understand
All of this conspires to isolate me

Their shadows animated
Shift together and drive me down
Into the cracks

And I let them
Some passiveness overtakes as
I resolve to fade
To blend, to yield
The joy of being comfortable
Within solitude
Invites a curse of emergent distance

As magnets repel one another
As wind affects ocean
As birds fall from the
I smell thick hot coffee
Close my eyes and breathe in.
I bend but do

25 Nov 2016


The pen broke
Right there
On the white paper
A blue Rorschach and silver nib

The hand broke
Right then
A bone frozen and muscle failure

The brain stalled
The heart paused
All around birds flew and
Cars sang metallic songs

The eyes saddened
The tears remembered faces
Now gone and
The pain of those still here

The pen broke
The fire put out
The poems become of less and less

17 Nov 2016

Rainbow head

Pre 9am
Main road mono

She passes me on the
With striped rainbow hair
Rainbow head
Outside and in no doubt

And other colours
Maybe every one

Up and down her legs
Eye shadow
Mid-twenties I guess
Unconcerned about opinions

Defying the locale
Grey puddles en route

Laying still
While the red yellow
Pink green
Orange purple, blue shine

Not crazy
Or maybe just crazy enough

She turns a corner
The streets are greyed
I am tired and lazy and broken and
I count her as my
fuck you
To the world for today.