16 May 2018


Ideas for poems come 
At the most inopportune times
Often while lying flat in bed
That one
After you have stared at the
White paint
Ceiling for an hour
And just
Before your eyes close

This always happens
Not formed prose
But rather seeds
A title
A block of marble awaiting
The chisel

But then like the rain
The words slow and are in an instant
And darkest night falls
Like a weight as your forehead
Once full of promise
Is filled instead with useless dreams
Of joy and superpowers and
Gardens in the

4 May 2018

Unfinished business

A small cat jumping across my skull
Inside and around it

A Catherine wheel on the brink of

Filter malfunctioning
The tap fully open
Ideas cascading out into
The dead night

I do not try to stop them
Get them out, I say
I am unburdened now
And ignorant and playful

Only the kitten remains
Pawing at its ball of string.

10 Apr 2018

Cut nose/spite face

I may have said this before
But both your faces are showing
Turn the other cheek
Before someone slaps it
I will not accept your falsity
I reject your glad-handing grimace

The power lies within
To deny your falsehood but
I will not
Do it

Taken to task
Called out
Whipped and shamed
You will be hung out to dry
In front of the whole goddamn town come