28 Nov 2012

Shinichi Maruyama

Long exposure nude photography. More HERE.


Off to see this dude and some other spoken worders tomorrow night. I'll try to do a small review later in the week if I don't come out of there totally despondant about my lack of effort towards producing anything creative and and worthwhile in life...

14 Nov 2012

Chet Childress art stuff

I really want to go to this show opening, but it falls on the same night as Saul Williams
at Southbank. Classic. Still, if you're around you should go. Looks good.

4 Nov 2012

Small things to keep you awake at night.

I consider the distance between the
Table and sofa
While my heart
As miner’s canary
Takes its last breath

Too far by a matter of inches
Or just right
The voice laughs
It is never just right

I cannot sleep
There was a time
I think
But no more
Everything is tomorrow and yesterday
Everything I knew was coming
And will

I guess that makes me a real smart guy.